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  The Union Co-op. Bank Ltd.
  Naroda (H.O)
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About Us

The Union Co-operative Bank Ltd., the name everyone takes with pride, has come into existence in 1970.  Since beginning the bank believes in ‘Leadership through Customer Care’.  The bank not only believes, but also has proved the concept.  The time span of 40 years came with many difficulties and challenges but the bank has never comprised with its aim of achieving ‘Leadership through Customer Care’.  The strength of the concept has led the bank achieve new heights of success. 

Faith is a step ahead than trust.  Since beginning, for more than 40 years, the bank has tried and achieved faith of its customers.  It is the faith of our customers which has maintained and developed relationship in difficult and challenging time periods.  The bank has always believed that the faith of its customers is its real asset and providing delightful services is its prime liability.           

The bank has always been on the track of achieving the true meaning of co-operative movement in banking sector, which was started years ago, by serving the needs of primary sector of the society.  For this purpose, the bank has always had control over the rates at which the services are offered.  But this has never made bank compromise with the quality of services offered. 

The urge of serving better has always motivated the bank to encourage new ideas and innovations.  For this reason the bank has always taken due care in the selection of members of Board of Directors.  It is the mixture of directors from various areas of expertise i.e. Doctor, successful businessmen, CA and Social Activists.  The bank’s human resource also involves NICM certified trained professionals.

At present the bank is having three fully furnished and centrally AC branches i.e. first is at HO, Naroda; second is at Saijpur; and third is at Nikol, Ahmedabad. The bank’s building where the Head Office cum Branch is located is a milestone in modern infrastructure and amenities.  All branches are connected with core banking facility.  The bank has adopted modern technologies so that it can serve its customers in a smooth way.  Our bank offers following services to its customers: